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Variant Cover of #1 by Francesco Francavilla

As just recently announced, thanks to the tremendous success of AFTERLIFE, ARCHIE Comics is adding a new title to their new Horror line. The new title is SABRINA and features our beloved teen witch. The story is written by my AFTERLIFE partner Roberto AGuirre-Sacasa (so you know it will be good) and drawn by a old friend of mine, Robert Hack, whose work can send thrills up your spine - the man can draw spooky stuff for sure!
This story is not tied to Afterlife, but is set in the ’60s and it’s a whole different “universe”. I saw a few pages already and I can promise you it’s gonna be another scary FUN book!

Issue 1 (out in October) will have a variant cover from me and that’s what you see above :)
You should def add this to your pull list, and don’t forget to pick-up AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE TP VOl.1 this week out in stores.


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